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miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

la bebida de la eterna juventud burla al tiempo, pero no...

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  1. Oh, no puedo contestar en español!
    But english is just fine! :P
    thanks for following and commenting! :D
    You should come, it's pretty nice in the summer!!And I cant wait for the day that'll book my tickets to spain!!! <3

    The velvet cape is on sale, so if u know anyone interested, let me know!!!

    keep in touck! :D
    nos vemos pronto! :D (hope i said it right!!) xx

  2. ahahah, it's ok I speak english.
    no problem, I love people who likes pics and fashion.
    I know, I'm mad about going there, we should make an exchange.

    *it's not bad nos vemos pronto ahaha, but much better: just "hablamos" ;) jaja